RO on Rent in Delhi & Gurgaon: Unlimited Supply of Fresh & Healthy Drinking RO Water

RO on Rent for Students, Individuals, Defence Personnel, Families, Libraries & more


Why to purchase a new RO when you can get top quality Ro on Rent. Consider a premium RO on Rent in Delhi & Gurgaon from a reputable company with over 26 years of experience. You can trust their excellent after-sales service to ensure your satisfaction.

You may be facing some small issues with your RO.
Please check some Do it Yourself (DIY) Videos, that may help you to resolve your RO related issues temporarily.

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Why Renting RO is the Premier Choice

Cost-Efficient Bliss: Experience the luxury of purified water without the weighty upfront costs, preserving your financial prosperity and happiness.

Maintenance Excellence: Our regal commitment includes top-tier maintenance, sparing you the burdens of upkeep and ensuring your kingdom's water remains crystal clear and delightful.

Product Mastery: With renting, you wield the power to effortlessly upgrade to the latest RO models, always staying at the forefront of water purification technology.

No Resale Worries: Bid farewell to the hassle of selling a depreciating asset; simply return it when you're ready, leaving you free to enjoy life.

Environmental Stewardship: By choosing rental, you take on a noble role in preserving resources, reducing waste, and safeguarding our cherished planet, making your reign an environmentally-conscious one.

Puromaster About

At RO on Rent, we proudly stand at the summit, reigning supreme in the water purification rental market. Our journey began in 1997 as service providers, and from those humble beginnings, we evolved into sellers, continuously adapting to the fast-changing trends in the industry. As pioneers, we introduced the innovative solution of RO rental services, among the first to do so, setting the standard for others to follow.

Our roots are firmly planted in Delhi, with our influence extending to Gurgaon, and soon, we'll expand our domain to cover the entire Delhi NCR region.

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Select your RO/Water Purifier

Puromaster the only brand which offers maximum models & designs suitable for all types of
water and Kitchen designs.

Gives you the same choice & options like you buy.

Obtain a continuous stream of top-notch drinking RO water for a mere Rs. 12 every day

Given the health risks posed by the current level of pollutants found in drinking water, it is essential to have a high-quality RO system to maintain good health.

Following our mission; "Pure Drinking Water for All", we are providing excellent quality RO on Rent to Students, Individuals, Army Personnel, Libraries & more at most affordable rates.

With the exponential growth in demand for skilled working individuals in Delhi NCR, demand for items like furniture on rent or electronic products on rent has increased and so the demand for pure drinking water increasing day by day.

With our exceptional services, highest quality RO & expert maintenance assistance we are the first choice among users regarding rental RO.

Why Us:

  • Highest quality RO on rent.
  • Unlimited supply of quality drinking water making it the most affordable option in the market.
  • Hassle-free periodic maintenance & replacement of spares at no extra charges.
  • Free installation.
Unlimited Water Consumption (PUROMASTER Plan) Metered Water Consumption (Others)
You will have access to an endless supply of quality drinking water.

Benefit: You can enjoy a steady supply of quality drinking water at a fixed price, without worrying about cost fluctuations caused by high demand.
Your water usage is monitored, which means, any extra consumption will result in higher bills.
Billing is uniform; irrespective of consumption or maintenance Fluctuation in bill

Areas Served

  • Water Purifier/Reverse Osmosis/RO on Rent in Gurgaon: Sohna Road, DLF, Sushant Lok, Dwarka Expressway, Northern Peripheral Road, Southern Peripheral Road, Golf Course Road, Golf Course Road Extn. & all sectors of Gurgaon
  • Water Purifier/Reverse Osmosis/RO on Rent in West Delhi: Delhi Cantt, Dwarka, Dwarka Expressway, Dabri, Karol Bagh, Patel Nagar (west) and Patel Nagar (east), Rajender Nagar, Netaji Nagar, Sarojni Nagar, Rangpuri, Rajokri, Punjabi Bagh, Paschim Vihar, Patel Nagar, Meera Bagh, Tagore Garden, Maya Puri, Rajouri Garden, Raja Garden, Moti Nagar, Man Sarovar Garden, Ramesh Nagar, Kirti Nagar, Shalimar Bagh, Rohini & Tilak Nagar
  • North Delhi: Mukherjee Nagar, Civil Lines, Ashok Vihar, Shakti Nagar, Wazirpur, Model Town, Gujranwala Town, Kamla Nagar, Parmanand Colony & Delhi University Area
  • Water Purifier/Reverse Osmosis/RO on Rent in South Delhi: Sarojini Nagar, Saket & near by areas, Hauz Khas, Nehru Place, Vasant Vihar, South-ex, Green Park, Vasant Kunj, Dhaula Kuan, Chankya puri & Moti Bagh


  • Unlimited Supply of fresh, clean & pure drinking water. No metered use
  • No more hassle of buying expensive water bottles
  • Don't have to wait for water delivery
  • Save your precious money, time & space
  • Installation, Services, Maintenance & Filter Replacement included
  • Fixed low monthly charges. Your payments always stays the same regardless of consumption

RO on Rent is best for

Puromaster the only brand which offers maximum models & designs suitable for all types of water and Kitchen designs.


A Smart Deal, Sure!



RO & Water Purifier


Water Bottle


Other Purifier

No Cost Per Liter No Cost Rs.3-8 One Time Rs.2 for 999 Liter Month
Buying Cost Zero Rs.60-150 One Time Rs.15000-30000
Maintenace Cost Zero NA Rs.2000-4000
Water Quality High Questionable High
Water Quality Check Real Time Every Month NA NA
Filter Health Life Check Real Time Every Month NA NA
Shifting Cost Zero NA Rs.1000-2000

Process for Puromaster

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  • installation Technician Install the RO
  • happy Enjoy pure drinking water

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