How to Troubleshoot Your Reverse Osmosis System

At the time of lockdown, when almost each & every service is down & no market is open, at this difficult time when no vendor is supporting regarding the maintenance of your RO, then the following videos are the only solution, that can rescue you from this situation.

Following are some DIY (Do it Yourself) Videos:

How to Service your RO by Yourself & How to Re-use The Filters in Case of Lockdown

No water or poor water flow of pure as well as rejected water

Reverse Osmosis Troubleshooting Water Continuously flows to Drain

REVERSE OSMOSIS(RO) ~ Troubleshooting & Repair(Step By Step)

Complete Reverse Osmosis Filter Change and Sanitation Procedure

How To Maintain Your Reverse Osmosis System

Process for Puromaster

  • phone-thm You call us
  • machine Select the type of RO
  • type-or Document
  • pay Pay
  • installation Technician Install the RO
  • happy Enjoy pure drinking water

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