Frequently Asked Questions

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Genral T&C'S

Puromaster is not just any water purifier service; it's a dynamic subscription-based platform delivering advanced water purifiers powered by cutting-edge technology and unparalleled service.

You can catch all the action at our vibrant headquarters located at 12A, Palam Extension, Sector 7, Dwarka, New Delhi, 110075.

Buckle up for the ride! Getting your Puromaster Subscription is a breeze! Just six steps stand between you and crystal-clear water nirvana:

  • Reach out to us.
  • Pick your RO superhero.
  • Get the paperwork sorted.
  • Seal the deal with payment.
  • Let our tech wizard work their magic installing the RO.
  • Dive into the refreshing world of pure drinking water!

Get ready to level up your hydration game with Puromaster! Our rentals offer the latest tech, endless water, a variety of products and plans, all with minimal paperwork and easy-peasy refunds.

Get ready to strut your stuff with Puromaster! While our machines are souped-up and ready to roll, you can opt for a brand-spanking-new one with a little extra dough for a security deposit and rent.

Get your dancing shoes on! To join the Puromaster party, you gotta be a proud resident of India with the right ID and proof of residence to show you're ready to groove with us!

We're bringing the party, one city at a time! While we're currently hitting the beats in Delhi and Gurgaon, watch out, world - Puromaster's energy knows no bounds!

Subscription Plans, Order & Deposit

We offer monthly or upfront payment options for our plans.

It's a breeze! Just sign up with your phone or computer, pick a plan that suits you, and complete your verification.

Easy peasy! Just contact us, and we'll give you the details for payment.

Once you cancel, we'll pick up the machine, and you'll get your deposit back within 2-3 working days.

Yep, but you can choose what works best for you when you sign up.

Sure thing! Only if it is the same address. Just get our approval, do the EKYC for new subscriber and it's good to go.

Just give us a heads-up a month before, and we'll sort it out. Failing to do so will attract the rent for the notice period.

Nope, but we recommend sticking to drinking and kitchen use. If you need more, we've got higher capacity machines for all your needs.

The technician will inspect the machine at the time of pickup. If any physical damage is noticed, don't worry, we'll inform you about it. Any damage charges will be adjusted from the deposit, and the remaining amount will be refunded to you.

EKYC Process

To kickstart your Puromaster RO subscription journey, we'll need the following documents:

  • ID Proof: Choose any one from: a) Voter ID b) Driving license c) Passport d) Bank passbook with photo and stamp
  • Address Proof: Pick any one from: a. Offline Rent Agreement/Online Rent Agreement b. Electricity Bill (Not older than 3 months) c. Water Bill (Not older than 3 months) d. Gas Bill (Not older than 3 months) e. Postpaid Bill (Not older than 3 months) f. Bank passbook with photo (Updated within 45 Days) g. House Allotment letter h. Property/House Tax
  • For students seeking a discount, a valid university ID card or coaching center ID card from the same city where the subscription is required will suffice.

Unfortunately, no. Following government regulations, we do not accept Aadhaar card as address or ID proof.

No worries! Just provide a copy of the police verification form or the landlord's name and contact details.

Absolutely! You can use your landlord's electricity or water bill as address proof along with your photo ID.

Hold tight! We aim to have your machine up and running within 24 hours, provided you're available.

Nope! We've got you covered. We don't require physical documents for verification.

Delivery & Installation

We aim to have all our machines delivered and installed within 24 hours of EKYC approval, provided you're available.

Absolutely! You can expect both delivery and installation to be completed within 24 hours of EKYC approval, as long as you're available.

Nope, not a penny! There are no additional charges for installation or service.

If you receive a damaged product during delivery, worry not! We'll replace it for you.

None whatsoever! All maintenance services, including installation and relocation, are completely free during your subscription period. Everything's covered under your subscription.

Your installation kit comes packed with everything you need:

  • Screws
  • Reducer valve
  • Up to 5 meters of pipe.
  • Approximately 1.25 meter wire.
  • Faucet (Only in UTC model)

However, ensuring there's electricity and water point near the installation area is the customer's responsibility. Extra Pipe or Wire shall be chargeable.

While we always aim for a flawless installation, if a little mishap occurs, rest assured its all part of the job. Unfortunately, any damage to your walls, plumbing damage falls within the customer's scope. But hey, accidents happen and are totally unintentional.

Service & Maintenance

Absolutely! All maintenance services for your RO are completely free of charge during the subscription period.

Easy peasy! After 90 days of installation, just give us a shout at whatsapp+91-9313463719 (Gurugram), whatsapp+91-9810600833 (Delhi), or drop us an email at

No need to worry about that! All maintenance services and repairs are on the house during your subscription period.

Just reach out to us at +91-9313463719 (Gurugram), +91-9810600833 ( Delhi), or, and we'll have it sorted. (Minimum 24 hours.)

Once your service request is in, our team swings into action and visits you as soon as possible.

Sorry. Our field visits are available between 12.00 to 7.00pm only. Although we work round the year and seven days a week to provide best of our services we give a break to our staff on gazetted holidays to spend some healthy time with their families.

we always advise the subscriber to store ample water to meet at least 24 hrs consumption.

Although we attend to your complaint on urgent basis still the visit is possible only during the field hours i.e. between 12.00 to 7.00pm.
We advise you to approach the nearest help available.

If you're moving, just give us a heads-up at least a week in advance. We'll handle the pickup and delivery for free as long as your new address falls within our service range.

You can do it yourself after informing us and providing details of the new residence. If needed, we'll guide you via video call. And no worries, re-installation is on us!

Generally, the Puromaster RO filter lasts for about 3000-4000 liters, depending on the quality of your water.

Just let us know in advance, and we can freeze your account at a 50% discount. When you're ready to resume, inform us two days prior, and we'll activate it pronto!

If your machine is taking longer than usual to fill the water tank, give us a call or drop us an email, and we'll send our team over to fix it up.

Payments & Refunds

We accept payments through UPI or Net Banking services.

Lucky for you, our fixed rental plans eliminate the need for monthly recharges or additional payments per litre. Just ensure you pay your regular rentals on time, and you're good to go!

Absolutely! Cash or cheque payments are accepted, but only for the initial payment at the time of installation.

Your security deposit will be refunded to the account you provide us with at the time of dismantling.

While we provide top-notch machines and comprehensive services throughout your subscription period, a minimal security deposit is required to ensure smooth operations. This deposit is fully refundable upon discontinuing our services.

  • The security amount is around Rs. 1499 for wall mount and Rs. 2999 for the UTC (under the sink/counter) model.

Ideally, there won't be any deductions from the security deposit, and you'll receive the entire amount back. However, if there's any physical damage to the machine due to mishandling or negligence, deductions may apply.

Just like any other monthly rental plan, it's essential to pay your rent every month to keep the machine active, even if you're not using it regularly. Late payment charges will be levied if the rent remains unpaid for more than 15 days.

Returns & Cancellations

Cancelling your subscription is a breeze! Just reach out to us at +91-9313463719(Gurugram), +91-9810600833(Delhi), or Remember, we require a one-month prior notice from you.

If you decide to cancel your subscription before its expiry, you'll need to pay for the remaining lock-in period as per the plan you've chosen.

Damage Charges

If any damage occurs, Puromaster won't leave you hanging. We're entitled to claim the loss or damage, and we'll charge accordingly. Here's the lowdown:

  • Cabinet/main body damage: Rs. 1400
  • Missing Pump: Rs. 1800
  • Missing Membrane: Rs. 1600
  • Missing filter: Rs. 250 per piece
  • Missing SMPS (Power supply): Rs. 450

Keep in mind, these charges might get amped up from time to time. Check out our Terms of Use and Terms of Sale for the latest scoop!

Unfortunately, damaged products won't get a free pass from Puromaster under any circumstances. We're all about keeping it top-notch!

Hold onto your hats! Puromaster's taking charge! Any bumps or bruises caused by our tech whizzes during installation, relocation, or maintenance to your water purifier or its accessories? We've got it covered! No need to fret, we're on it!

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