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Give your body and water the power of Reverse Osmosis (RO)


There has been a severe degradation in the quality of drinking water these days. This is mainly due to contamination from various sources such as water pollution due to industrial waste, people throwing garbage in the water and washing clothes, etc. This article focuses on the importance of RO purification for drinking water.

What is drinking water made up of?

Drinking water is made up of various minerals and heavy metals such as fluoride, arsenic, nitrates and lead. It also termed as Total Dissolved Impurities, these impurities include minerals, salts, metals, cations, anions, and almost anything and everything other than pure water. In calculation, TDS is the sum of cations and anions in water. It is measured in parts per million. As per the regulations, a TDS level of 500mg/L is acceptable to drink.

What is an RO system?

An RO or Reverse Osmosis System is a purification system that pumps water through a semi-permeable membrane, and it filters out all the contaminants or Total Dissolved Impurities. An RO system works on the principle of high pressure of about 5- 40PSI, thus if the pressure is more, the RO machine will be much more efficient. Whilst purification, pure water is sent through a faucet and impure water is thrown out through a drainage pipe.

Why do people need this system?

Contamination is the root cause of people buying an RO system, deployment of this system is based on the kind of water that is being supplied. If the water is hard water, then an RO system is surely required, but if that water is soft water, then an ultraviolet system can be used. The main difference between an ultraviolet system and an RO is, an RO cannot kill bacteria, viruses or germs but a UV can. The primary use of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) System is removal of dissolved solids from water and make it soft. An RO system runs on electricity.

Any other system in the market other than RO?

This technology is the most advanced technology in the market to purify water. There are systems that contain all the three technologies in one viz. RO, UV and UF, where UF stands for Ultra Filtration. The water that we get after filtration has the right kind of odor and taste. There are large RO units for offices, restaurants, hotels, and lots more. The mechanism in these system is same but the size of the unit is larger than the conventional one.

RO and Maintenance

The RO system is complex and it needs regular maintenance, as there are many parts that function together to purify water. Some parts of this system include the sediment filter, activated carbon pre-filter, reverse osmosis membrane filter, activated carbon post filter, and the storage tank. These systems must be serviced regularly, so that it functions reliably and provides clean and fresh drinking water at all times.


There are many RO filters in the market, consumers need to do some research on their requirements and the brand . It solely depends on the what kind of water is being pumped in the house, but consumers do not want to compromise on their health, so they mostly buy the RO, UV and UF combo system.

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