Difference between UV and Non UV water purifier

It is always important to know about the water purifiers in detail before considering one for your home. The water purifier is an integral part of the household and it has an immense effect in maintaining the health of the family members. There are definite differences between the two major water purifiers available in today’s market which are UV water purifiers and the NonUV water purifiers. And the difference lies in elements they eliminate from the water which is feed into them. On one hand, UV purifiers eliminate the germs and the disease carrying organisms which can’t be seen with naked eyes in the water, NonUV purifiers, on the other hand, removes the salts and other particles which are making the water concentrated and other impurities.

Let us first see how UV purifiers work and it's main functions –

The UV purifiers work on the technology where the UV rays generated by the UV lights are used for distillation of the water feed into the water purifier. The microorganisms which are present in the water get killed when the water comes in to the presence of the UV rays. It is observed that the UV and the UF water purifiers have the capability of killing saint percent germs and other microorganisms present in the water. But it is not able to clean the impurities of the water like any dissolved salts or TDS particles or other metallic substances present in the water. These purifiers takes lesser time to purify the water and also waste water is not produced as whole of the water get purified after passing through the UV light. Since, the water doesn’t have to pass through any membrane, there is no tank to store the water but huge amount of water can be purified at the same time. The price of these water purifiers are also on the lower side and is very reasonable for the household and industrial use. It is also convenient as the electricity consumption is also less because there is no need to boost the pressure for tapping the water.

Now let’s see how RO water purifier works -

RO water purifiers are mainly used for cleaning the waters which have a huge amount of dissolved salts and other solid particles and elements. The unwanted solid waste gets eliminated when the water passes through the semi- permeable membrane with the help of the osmotic pressure. Almost 95%-99% of the TDS and other substances get removed while passing through the membrane. The health benefit and the taste of the water are also enhanced in these types of purifiers. The electricity usage is more as the water needs to be tapped with high pressure of the reverse osmosis to happen. The water for purification is stored in tanks inside the purifier so the amount of water distilled at a time is lesser then UV purifiers. RO water purifiers produce waste water while purifying the water. The price of RO purifiers is higher than the UV water purifiers.

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