Difference between RO and Water Purifiers

Water Purification

Water purification is an age old process however it has evolved over the years with new technology. At present times, RO and UV water purifiers are found in most of the household and they are quite good in the purification of water.

How RO and UV water purifiers work?

RO which is the abbreviation for the method called Reverse osmosis is used in most of the water purifiers to extract the salts and other materials present in the water which are of no use to the body. The semi-permeable membrane which is used in the RO purifiers rejects almost 99% of the salts/ materials of the feed water with the help of the osmotic pressure.

UV and UF water purifiers are one of the most popular purifiers because it kills or removes the microorganisms present in the water. It removes almost saint percent of the microorganism leaving the water perfect for consumption. UV rays for distillation of water is not harmful rather it adds chemicals which are useful to the body.

Differences between the Two

i. Electricity usage: RO purifiers require electricity for tapping the water. The electricity in the RO purifiers is used for tapping water because the pressure of the water so tapped needs to be increased at a certain level to make the reverse osmosis happen. On the other hand, UV purifiers don’t need electricity for tapping water. It can tap water with normal pressure. The electricity in UV purifiers is used for the further purification process whereas in RO, electricity requirement is there from the beginning.

ii. Processing: RO purifiers removes all the TDS elements from the water like the salts, metallic waste present in the water or any form of solid particle. It also makes the water much healthier and tastier by moving the germs. On the other hand, UV water purifiers are for the water in which there are no solid particles present or salts or materials are there. UV and UF purifiers process the water by cleaning all the microorganisms which are present in the water and leaves behind the fresh and healthy water for consumption.

iii. Speciality: UV purifiers are great for the water which are muddy or having germs whereas the RO purifiers does it all that is from cleaning the impurities to the thorough processing of the germs and other living as well as non living impurities.

iv. Main parts or technology used: RO uses the osmotic pressure and semi-permeable membrane for the whole purifying process whereas the UV purifier works on the fundamental of UV rays.

While buying the water purifier, you must examine or get the knowledge of the type of water that you going to feed into the purifier and then accordingly choose the right purifier for your household. For example, if you feed water with high concentration of salt and other particles in a UV purifier, the water purifier will neither be able to process the water nor it going to last for a long period of time.

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