Furniture on Rent in Delhi

List of few startups which started business of renting furniture or Furniture on Rent in or near Delhi NCR (Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida)


The Gurugram based is in the on-demand rental industry in India since September 2015. The founder of the company- Mr. Neerav jain realized the need for fulfilling temporary furniture needs of the consumers when he himself juggled with shortage of furniture during his college days in Delhi university. The experience incited him looking for a solution and CityFurnish in September 2015 was the outcome. The company in their 1st month of launch offered 50+ rentals.

CityFurnish Offerings

  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Dining Room Furniture
  • Living Room Furniture
  • Office Furniture
  • Move in Ready Furniture
  • Fitness Equipments

Currently, Cityfurnish is also offering its premium IPL office furniture package for furniture rentals that starts from Rs. 3,400 /month rent. The IPL comfort package Rent Starts at Rs. 2,300 /month that includes Furniture, Air conditioners, refrigerators, home Appliances, Generators, Electronics, curtains, bedding, matrices and Interiors, etc. The IPL essential Furniture Package Rent Starts at Rs. 1,900 /month and single bed Rent Starts at Rs. 600 /month. CityFurnish’s products are made in sheesham wood. Users get access to pay monthly rent via online or through NACH facility. You can get their rented furniture Delivery and installed in 72 hrs. They are also offering 100% money back guarantee if you the product is not as described, in images or if do not like their products.

For any enquiries on Products, their New and Diversified range of furniture and appliances, or items not covered in Range of Rentals & Services, you can contact Cityfurnish at:

Phone No.: 8010845000
Visit CityFurnish website:
Facebook Link:

CityFurnish Corporate Office is located in:
6B Tower 3, Bellevue Tower, Central Park 2
Sohna Road, Sector 48, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122018

Gurgaon Office:
#530, Block D, JMD Megapolis, Sohna Road
Sector 48, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122018

Delhi Office:
Unit no. 8, ground floor
civil line,10, Sham Nath Marg
Prema Kunj, Civil Lines
New Delhi - 110054

Noida Office: # Sector-141
Noida , UP
It also has its office in Bangalore


The Delhi based online furniture and appliances renting company is launched in 2102. It is the most reliable rental which is offering in-trend furniture and its furnishing packages are created considering different type of users, be it tenant, student, expat, home owner.

Explore Furlenco vast range of furnishing packages here:

  • Bedroom Furniture- It includes queen bed, single bed, double bed, bed with Study Table, cupboard for extra storage and luggage etc.
  • Bed with Couch set- Chasis, sofa-cum bed, couch sofas, diwan, Beam bags etc.
  • Studio furniture- Ebony wardrobes, flooring, counter tables etc
  • Living room furniture- Victoran 7+ seater sofa sets, 3 seater sofas, Flex sofas along with soft furnishings etc.

Their rental Starts at 999/ per month. All your deliveries and pick-ups with Furlenco are free of cost, apart from the monthly subscription fee. The founder of the company has also stated that all the renting items of Furlenco are refurbished once they are brought back to the center after being used by the tenant. They do so to keep the products well maintained and new like as no one would want to sleep on a bed before someone has already used it for time.

Furlenco Contact
Phone: +91 80880 11888
Email ID:


Rentickle introduced in November 2015 is a one-stop-shop for renting furniture, home furnishing, appliances and other essentials at very affordable prices, you will never want to buy second-hand goods again!. You can also find offerings for brand-new products on the site with special mention. is operated and organized by AVA LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES PVT LTD, having its legal registered office at 48, Maheshwari Apartments, Sector - 14, Rohini, Delhi - 110085. It has its operations in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Hyderabad.

  • Home furniture
  • Bed room furniture
  • Double bed and single bed mattresses
  • Bookshelves
  • Wardrobes
  • Lampshades
  • Wall decals
  • Dressing tables, computer tables and study tables
  • Table and chair
  • Home décor
  • Air conditioners
  • Mixer/juicer/grinder
  • PSP3, PSP4
  • Xbox One, Xbox 360

Contact details
TOLL FREE NUMBER: 1800 270 1950 (7 days between 10 am and 8 pm)
LIVE CHAT in the bottom right hand side of home page. Website:

CLADO Renting Happiness

From furniture, appliances, fitness equipments to vehicles and musical instruments – you get all at Clado. This is one of few rental firms which give you the flexibility to decide the tenure of the rental on specified items.

What they provide on rent
You can rent from our wide array of products across different categories like

  • Furniture
  • Upholstery
  • Office furnishings
  • Event furnishings
  • Home and kitchen appliances
  • Gym equipment
  • bikes
  • Musical instruments
  • DSLR cameras and other Photography equipments

The Delhi based company works online. If you need to place an order, you can order online, through phone and you will get a call back from them verifying your details and availability and the product will be delivered at your doorstep.

The Rental Price starts at Rs. 119 per Month for that varies for different products with a Minimum Tenure of 3 Months.

Ring At: +91-81 30 598959 | +91-81 30 598979

Registered Office 220C, Third Floor, Savitri Nagar
Landmark: Kali Masjid, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi – 110017

With its offices in 8 major metro cities like Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad, this rental organization offers hassle free and easy relocation facility.

Rentomojo has also featured on NDTV, Times Of India, Economic Times and few other prestigious medias.

Rentomojo product offers

  • Furniture
  • Bikes
  • Appliances
  • Furnishing packages

Contact @ Gurgaon Office address
Sohna Road, Block W, Sector 69, Gurugram, Haryana 122018
Phone- 088 8214 1141

For whom furniture rental is beneficial & it’s benefits

Furniture and Interior Rental business is in the Service Industry economy since 90’s, but the rental field currently seems to be blowing up the market with immense buyer’s crashing in and service provider too. In this short span, the rental service provider Industries is enjoying a continual Growth and Expansion, with established Clients from leading multinational corporations, bed and breakfast, college Institutions, schools and Individuals.

For rentals in furniture and fixtures, the service providers cover a wide variety from

  • House Hold Furniture
  • Guest House Furniture
  • Office Furniture
  • Call Centre Furniture
  • Exhibition Furniture
  • Furnishings
  • Interiors
  • Exercise and Sports Equipments
  • Flooring
  • Home Appliances
  • Kids Furniture
  • Air-conditioners
  • Computers

Choosing to rent your furniture like bed on rent, washer and dryer rental, tv rental, refrigerator on rent etc. or premises is a huge commitment, so make sure you take into account all the pros and cons about whether it might be advantageous to trade from rented establishments or go ahead and buy.

Many furniture rental organizations allure apartment dwellers each year, with claims of many advantages to renting furniture as opposed to purchasing it outright, which of course are truly promising in many ways. Like the biggest advantage of renting furniture instead of buying it is primarily the instant cash saving benefit. You can hold cash in hand or account for longer, because you are making portions of payments in form of rent over time, as opposed to making a one-time huge lump sum amount of payment to make a purchase.

Another major benefit is that before buying a new furniture or fixture, many people seek to try out the furniture before making a considerable monetary investment, specifically if you are looking at sofa sets or complete furniture that can cost several thousands to lacs. So, if you do not want to invest huge sum of money to buy the new furniture, but at the same time do not want to live in a stark naked apartment, renting is hands on the thing for you.

The rental company itself gets the furniture installed in your apartment and after you are done with your specified renting period, the rental the company you have rented the furniture from will send its movers to take back the furniture, which makes it a win-win situation for you and the company.


Benefits of getting Furniture on Rent

There are several benefits of renting furniture, particularly when you are really left with no other option left. Some of the furniture that is provided on rent comes at just 2-3% of the original cost, making it affordable for many more. However, whether in dire need or urgency whatsoever, you should just avoid rent-to-own trickery as these are nothing but sheer scams. Here is a quick list for some of the major benefits of renting furniture versus purchasing furniture:

  • Use furniture for a short and specified time period without having to invest in the full buying cost
  • Rental centers often install and pick up the furniture when you are ready to move, so you don’t have to get into DIY (do it yourself).
  • If you buy your furniture on mortgage or EMI’s, repayment is likely to be higher- (principal amount added with monthly interest) than a rental payment on the same furniture, and is simply going into banker’s or money lender’s pocket. Plus if you are likely to shift or not sure of permanent stay, you rather not pay for expensive furniture because it is just wearing down of money.
  • With renting furniture have more control over your monetary matters and therefore more security because you won’t be exposed to any hefty buying costs. Additionally if you take out a fixed-rate rent, you will certainly be able to set budgets calculating exactly how much you will be spending each month.
  • For people who are on sharing apartments, not using all the furniture, can sublet part of the furniture and recoup for some of splurging over party, outings Etc...Etc...
  • Very less hard cash is needed for up front as compared to purchasing new furniture
  • You may receive good and in fashion options for furniture if clients visit your apartment or loft for business, and you may be able to assert it as a deduction
  • It can be your only and last best option if you are having difficulty searching for budget friendly furniture.

Furniture Rentals online is a concept which is typically about providing access and convenience to prospective buyers, who are looking for variety and fashionable furniture at cheap prices. The rental services are as much about saving money as they are about comfort. These online furniture rental stores give you access to designer furniture, appliances, interiors and beddings at a fraction of the cost and also offers complimentary services such as pick-up and drop besides doing the required fittings and placing.

Renting itself is not a newly discovered phenomenon. However, the business of renting has been, for the most areas, fragmented. The renting business is now not just taking a more organized structure but also expanding to include everything from flooring and interiors clothes to even, in rare case, sharing of financial resources and pets.

For instance, a person who is on employment, where they had to frequently relocate base every year or two are the best candidate to rent furniture and live a lavish stay without breaking the bank.

The concept of renting is now termed as the shared economy. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), the rental business market is expected to generate whopping potential revenue of $335 billion by 2025 globally.

In India, the market for rental of furniture itself is seen at about $800-850 million. Rentals of electronic and home appliances is a $500 million market and of 2 wheeler vehicles is $300 million, which adds up to a cumulative $1.5 billion market., a furniture and utilities rental platform is known to be one of the most productive and genuine online rental businesses.

For the young buyer, who wishes everything just now, irrespective of their income, age and financial capability/stability, rentals provide instant access at a cheaper cost. “Today a 20-25 year-old is not decided of what country or city they might settle down in, yet they seek to have access to lavish living lifestyle even though it may not be in line with their financial capacity. They are not willing to wait for years to buy it, so they prefer to rent it. This is why the demand for the access through rental business economy is growing,” while even real estate owners and other business groups looking for more investment opportunities in this industry.

There are college students, young professional who have aspirations of creating their career and a better future that demand them to move cities. Then there are those who are in search of different experiences, changing environment and hence change jobs. The theory of working in one organization for decades has long faded for the demography of 25-35 years old,” and has thus called for the rental centers to fulfill their changing demands. People nowadays are not only renting because they do not have enough money to buy. In fact it is just a smarter way to lead a lavish lifestyle.

The target user of furniture rentals is someone who desires a good lifestyle at cheapest, yet with surplus disposable income. Individuals who rent furniture and appliances are mostly in the age bracket of 20 to 35 years; have a disposable income of around Rs.5 lacs per annum and mostly work in multinational companies in metros or tier-1 cities.

Almost 60% of the users are men and these are mostly the people who are on the go which means they do not permanently stay in one place or city for more than 2 years. Furlenco, a Bengaluru-based online furniture renting company also having its franchisee in Delhi was launched in 2012. Furlenco currently have more than 2,000 active users. Similarly, an online furniture rental services is also doing and growing good with around 2500 active users at present.

Market is seeing a lot of demand in rental furniture and interiors. Times are rapidly changing and even the Indian consumers, who once solely believe in owing alone, do not consider of rental as a taboo anymore. This mental process is changing now, albeit gradually. People of older times, right from house, jewelry, vehicles and clothes to any utility product, prefers to own it by paying for it fully. This mental process is changing now, albeit gradually.

However, the young generation of today’s India wants a fancy lifestyle and does not think in hoarding.

“It’s about attitude change where most people use as per comfort and pay as per need and do not feel the desire to own. “The shift to this economy is all about behavioral change and this might take longer for categories that are affiliated with symbol of status like high-end branded furniture, labeled interiors, branded appliances, expensive clothing and luxurious lifestyle as a whole. However, while recognizing the ins and outs of the furniture rental industry in prospect of India, we have an opinion that in the short term, utility items like (furniture, appliances) and one time usage items (like apparels, accessories, footwear, artificial jewelry) which do not overlap with stature will do well.

Realizing the rising traction in renting businesses, investors have begun to back start-ups in this segment. In November 2016, raised $2 million from Accel Partners and IDG Ventures India. Lightbox Ventures backed Furlenco, with $6 million in March.

How do furniture rentals work?

There are broadly 3 models that online furniture or any segment of rental companies use.

  1. The renting company itself owns the assets they rent out. For example, Furlenco –online furniture rental owns all the furniture displayed on its website for renting, which indicates that the start-up capital cost of launching the business was high.
  2. Some rental centers source assets straight from manufacturers on an agreement or directly from home owners or people who want to rent their products that they do not use much. For example, camping equipments and vehicles displayed on RentSetGo website are possessed by the vendors.
  3. The 3rd is a marketplace model where anyone from anywhere can list their products. In this kind of marketplace set up, the online renting company does not take any responsibility of the description or quality of the product.

Who are most benefitted with rental furniture?

As a buyer, are you thinking over and over again whether renting of furniture makes sense than buying? For different product categories you need to measure in different parameters to weighing whether to rent or buy. For instance, if you want to rent furniture, the decision will mean quantifying factors like whether you are buying the product on credit and the frequency with which you move.

“If you put together all these factors and are staying at one place for nearly 4 years, you should just not rent furniture since any such purchase takes roughly around 45 months to break even. Renting will come out to be most economical if you change your renting every 2 years.

Final Thoughts

For some people, owning rental furniture might be a smart personal financial move. While for some it may be more optimal to invest in buying it as it adds value for lifetime. Some might not enjoy the interaction and conditions between tenant and service provider. Some may not be in a monetary situation to pay for a requested rent. Still others might not feel positive in their rental centers. Nevertheless, it is about mindset and the rental industry in India is in its nascent stage and still has a long way to go.

Some rental centers both online and with local offices are successful in influencing the consumers to plough money into their rent-to-own deals, which are often frauds. With variety of options available for obtaining furniture at cheap, including checking the restrictions near student apartments for trash that can become your treasure, it is nearly impossible to not find furniture that you can afford. Before you make a decision, here’s a look at the best furniture rental options in Delhi/NCR.

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